A superb piece of equipment that many riders use to simply keep themselves mobile! Sarah is fully trained by “Back in Action” to ensure you use the Mobiliser in the safest and most effective way for your body’s needs.

The mobiliser was designed by a chiropractor with the intention of helping those of us who are suffering with constant back pain.


Focusing on the mobilisation of your spinal joints, a 15 minute session on the Mobiliser will provide you with the following:

Reduced chronic joint pain.

Improved resilience in daily activities

Reduced inflammation and increased    circulation levels.

The Creation of a positive circle of greater movement ..... greater fitness... greater movement!

What's not to like!


Used daily by the likes of Carl Hester, Charlotte Dujardin,  Harry Meade and Bettina Hoy your horse will certainly thankyou for a session on the Mobiliser before you ride.  


There’s lots more information on the Back in Action website or you can read a little more about it here https://www.backinaction.co.uk/pdf/british_dressage_handout.pdf

We offer individual mobiliser sessions from just £15 or can you treat yourself to a course of 5 sessions and receive the 6th one completely free!