Horses can only work to their true potential when the rider is balanced, with their weight evenly distributed. If a horse favours one rein over the other, leg yields beautifully to the left but not to the right, just can’t seem to find the correct canter lead, or has a trot that’s almost impossible to sit to, chances are good that it’s the way the rider’s body moves, or more often, does not move, that is contributing to the problem.


Sarah has an uncanny ability to spot even the most subtle misalignments, and using a host of different techniques, can help the rider identify and permanently correct the underlying cause so that the horse can move more freely underneath the rider. Even small changes can transform a horse’s way of going and as an added bonus, clients will often find that pain they’ve lived with for years also disappears.  


Every rider is different, so no two EquiMotion sessions are ever the same. Sarah is constantly looking for new and different ways to help riders at all levels get the most out of their time in the saddle, and is highly trained in a diverse range of methods, making her uniquely placed to customise a programme perfectly tailored to each individual rider.


A session at EquiMotion might include any of the following:


mechanical horse

franklin method equestrian

anatomy in motion

rider confidence & performance psychology

ridden  sessions

     the      mobiliser

sports   massage treatments

      pilates &      equipilates