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As the UK’s first Franklin Method® Equestrian trainer, and one of just three Level One Equestrian Educators in the world, Sarah remains at the forefront of Franklin Method® training for equestrians. The mind is the most powerful tool we have and is the quickest and easiest way to affect your body and movement. The Franklin Method® systematically teaches riders how to gain control of their thinking, and in particular, how to use imagery to direct their attention and create focus.


Responding to the constant movement of the horse beneath them, while being coordinated and balanced in the body, is an ongoing challenge for many riders. Often, riders will brace their muscles in an effort to increase stability, and in doing so, they restrict the movement of the horse, essentially putting the handbrake on, without even realising it.


Using Franklin balls, bands and other props, even for short periods of time, can essentially press the reset button, showing the body a better way of moving which enables the rider to maintain good posture while still moving in harmony with their horse. With the rider sitting equally on both seat bones, and a pelvis that moves freely, horses respond almost immediately, becoming straighter, more relaxed and with a much more forward gait.


Alison Lowther, Deputy Editor of Your Horse came to EquiMotion for a Franklin Ball session and wrote about her experience in the magazine’s Spring Issue, saying, “When you combine Franklin Balls with the use of imagery, the method becomes even more effective. The whole experience has made me think about my position in a new way. I’ve continued to use the balls on a real horse and the effect is just as good, if not better. The change in my horse’s way of going is amazing. With my increased feeling and awareness, she’s moving with more willingness and freedom too.”