Ridden Sessions

A ridden session is the ideal way for Sarah to assess how your “horse and rider” biomechanics are working together.

We recommend an initial rider session on the mechanical horse first, as this enables Sarah to understand your biomechanics as a rider and how they impact your horse, before putting it all together in a ridden session.

Dressage Horse

A ridden session will be tailored to your needs, with the focus on helping you to use your body in the saddle to compliment your horse’s movement. This may include the use of Franklin balls or bands, postural cues and ridden exercises. Sarah helps you to make small changes to your riding, but to your horse these changes may feel considerable, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you will improve your horse’s way of moving under saddle.


Whether it be improving your posture in the saddle, difficulty in turning your body on one rein, or sitting easily into the canter, Sarah is skilled to help improve any rider problem.

Ridden sessions last for 45 minutes in our 25 x 45m outdoor arena on our superb new combi ride surface, set in a peaceful area of the farm the arena is ideal for young or nervous horses.

For the ultimate in rider improvement, book a combined mechanical horse and ridden session. Sarah will see you ride your own horse first and assess horse and rider biomechanics. Sarah is a trained Equine Therapist and studying Equine Osteopath so she’s great at spotting any horse related movement patterns, then transfer this onto the mechanical horse to help you resolve any issues.


(The session can be run the other way around, beginning with the mechanical horse to help deal with any rider restrictions and then moving onto your own horse straight away to implement the changes.)


Either combination of these sessions will produce powerful improvements for both horse and rider.