Sports Massage Treatments

Long hours mucking out stables, carrying heavy equipment and lack of time to ‘stretch and relax’ can lead your overworked body towards chronic muscle pain and soreness. More noticeably, it can affect your performance as a rider and the responsiveness of your horse. As a rider, you have a unique connection with your horse but we often find, the amount of care and attention you give to your horse, commonly isn’t reflected back on yourself, and it should be!

Massage Table

In addition to Saracens Stable, EquiMotion also offers a fantastic treatment room where you can unwind and spend a little time looking after yourself. Sarah is qualified to offer a full body sports massage treatment, Rapid Neuro Fascial release, Class 3b Laser Therapy is available,  and she’s a trained “RockDoc” which means if you need a little support from kinesiology taping, she’s your person!


Joining the team in the treatment room is Stephanie Roadway, an equestrian herself with years of experience looking after stiff and sore bodies, Steph is perfectly placed to understand the demands riding places on your body. Trained to Level 4 in Sports Massage, Cupping, Hot Stone Massage and Acupuncture, Steph joins us every Monday for all treatments and her weekly Pilates classes which have a riding focus.